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What does my social post/ ad copy need?

This is the checklist we go through for every one of our clients social posts. Of course, you can't always include all of these and it can change depending on the goal of the post.

Attention Grabber

The attention grabber is incredibly important in the noisy social world we live in. People are constantly scrolling and if your hook doesn’t draw attention, then it will be missed. You can use emoji’s, or contextually call out the audience you are targeting. Such as: "🚨Attention motoring enthusiasts 🚨" or “Are you petrol head living in London?”

What/ Why

What is it you are offering and WHY do they need it? What pain point are you addressing and looking to create a solution for?

Curiosity Factor

What are you offering that will create curiosity and drive the consumer to engage with your call to action? Another great way to do this is to create scarcity. Such as: “Hurry, we are only offering this to the first 50 people to sign up!”

Call to action

Remember that the call to action doesn't necessarily need to be promotional and can be something as simple as asking a question to draw the audience to the comments section.

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