• Loukas Hambi

What are the variables of a successful digital advertising campaign?

It is imperative to ensure you focus on nailing these elements within your ad campaign or funnel:⠀⠀


▪️Demographic/ target audience ⠀⠀

Who are you trying to target and why?⠀


What are you putting in front of them and why should they act? How is your offer contextually relevant to this demographic and how does it offer them value?⠀

▪️Landing Page⠀⠀

Where are you taking them? This is extremely important! You could have the best advert in the world, but if the landing page isn't engaging or easy to use, it won't convert.⠀

▪️Ad copy⠀⠀

Another extremely important element. How is your copy grabbing attention? Is the copy contextually relevant to the demographic you are targeting? For example, if you are targeting single mums in London, have you made this clear? Is your creative engaging? ⠀


Make sure you have put plenty of thought into these areas as if your campaign isn’t going to plan, it is most probably down to one of these factors! It's near impossible to nail all factors first time, so ensure you TEST TEST TEST!

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