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Tips for increasing brand awareness on social

Find your niche

It’s important to have some kind of niche in order to help direct your goals for social. Knowing your niche will help you understand areas where you can offer most value. A great place to start is Identifying problems you can solve.

Be eye catching and visual

It’s important to create eye catching content that pops in the noisy and overcrowded social world we live in. Think about what YOU would stop scrolling for. We all have extremely short attention spans and if your post isn’t instantly engaging then people will miss it! This is why we’ve started creating animated content that differs from the average post.

Be native and contextual

Be contextual to the platform you are using! People consume information very differently across social platforms. Don’t make the mistake of copy and pasting the same content to two platforms that are consumed in different ways. This post is a great example. We’ve made it more interactive and visual on Instagram and then more like a blog post on LinkedIn.

Run engagement ads and track everything

Make sure to run engagement ads to build up social proof on social. If people are seeing that your posts are getting high levels of engagement, they are more likely to trust your brand. Furthermore, track everything and read the data! You can learn so much about your audience and in many cases pivot strategy depending on your audience data.

Be conversational

Make sure to engage with your audience. Reply to every comment and send dm’s of appreciation to those who follow you. Taking the time to be conversational will really help enrich your brand identity and engagement.

Give for free

The last and almost most important. Give your audience free value and you will win.

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