• Loukas Hambi

Offer free value now, for more sales later!

Every business needs to start thinking about how they can offer MORE value to their audience without expecting anything in return. I know its something we repeat, but its true!⠀


70% of businesses use Social Media as a means of promotion but how can they expect to grow a long lasting, engaged community this way? People don't want to see your brand shoved down their throat. Stop and look at your specialism, and how you can offer long lasting value. ⠀⠀


For a Dentist, this could be 'Top 5 tips for healthy gums', for a dealership, this could be 'Everything you need to know about servicing your car' and the list goes on...⠀⠀


Two things we've noticed that need to change before offering value.⠀⠀


1. You have to be patient. Offer value consistently and in time you will reap the benefits. Don't expect that you will get anything in return in the short term.⠀⠀

2. Don't disguise a promotion with value. ⠀⠀⠀


Double down on value and your audience will have a far stronger affinity towards your business after lockdown!

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